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•Can you give me an overview of the ticket selling process?

  • VIPcontacts will review the Sell My Tickets submission and reply with either an Accept or Reject email.

Accepted tickets:

- Upon our agreement to take your tickets on consignment, you will receive an email with the consignment contract and mailing instructions. You must send us the tickets, signed consignment contract and a copy of your driver’s license by a signature required delivery. We must have physical possession of the tickets before we can list them on the VIPcontacts website.

  • The tickets will stay in VIPcontacts’ sole possession.
  • You, the seller, have the right to take consignment tickets back at any time and are responsible for all shipping charges incurred to return the tickets.
  • VIPcontacts does not guarantee that the tickets will be sold, but will list the consigned tickets on the VIPcontacts website up to 7 days prior to event date.
  • All requests for returned tickets must be in writing, sent to VIPcontacts directly with delivery confirmation. Tickets will ship next business day and at the requestor’s expense.
  • Once your tickets are Accepted and listed, and a customer places an order for your tickets, you will be notified within 48 hours. This time is needed to finalize the purchase. After the event occurs, you get paid thru Paypal.

Rejected tickets:

- Reasons for rejection. Examples: price requested too high, event date too near, inaccurate information sent etc.

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•What percentage does VIPcontacts receive?

Our fee is 25% of the total agreed upon price of your tickets per your consignment contract or $50, whichever is greater. For example, if we agree to sell two of your tickets for $75 each, for a total of $150, our fee would be $50 and $100 would be your payment. If we agree to sell two of your tickets for $500 each, for a total of $1,000, our fee would be $250 and $750 would be your payment.

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•How do I get paid?

We pay sellers using the online payment service Paypal. Paypal is used by millions of users and has a great reputation. If you do not yet have an account, you can get one for free at

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•Where will my tickets appear for sale?

When we list your tickets for sale, they will appear on, the leading online marketplace for event tickets to concert, sport and theater events. Your tickets will also appear on many other websites that we have partnership or affiliate relationships with. This means we are able to display your tickets all over the web by using just our site!

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•Why am I paid only after the event occurs?

By waiting until after the event occurs, we are able to make sure that the tickets are completely valid and event occurred. This brings down our costs as we have less fraud to deal with.

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•What happens if an event is cancelled or postponed?

If an event is postponed, you as the initial purchaser of the tickets may need to help provide tickets to the rescheduled event. We will contact you to explain what you will need to do, if anything, in the event of a postponement.

If an event is permanently cancelled or never happens, such as in the case of a game in a series that is never played, the industry standard is that the entity you purchased the ticket from initially will refund your money to you. You will need to contact them directly to arrange any refunds you may be entitled to. We will contact you to explain what you will need to do, to get your tickets returned.

We give refunds to our retail customers for cancelled events as specified in our VIPcontacts Terms. This means that you will not be paid by us for cancelled / postponed event tickets.

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•I can't find the answer to my question anywhere on your website?

If you have questions, contact us at

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•Where can I go to buy tickets?

You can buy tickets at has the best selection and prices online so be sure to check with us before buying anywhere else.

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•Can I sell more than one set of tickets?

Absolutely!! There is no limit on how many tickets you can list with us.   Just submit the Sell My Tickets information and it will be reviewed quickly.  If you have season tickets or have a series of tickets for upcoming events, contact us directly at

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•Why does VIPcontacts have to have possession of the tickets?

When an order comes in for the tickets, we need to ship them out, most times same day.

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•What if I decide I want my tickets back?

You can request your tickets back at any time. All requests to have tickets returned must be sent in writing to VIPcontacts directly with delivery confirmation. Tickets will ship next business day and at the requestor’s expense. The only exception is if there is a pending sale that means your tickets are sold and will not be returned.

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•How do you let buyers select only part of a ticket group?

Our site automatically allows you to sell part of your ticket group without selling the entire group. The logic of our site prevents you from being left with just 1 ticket, so you will always have at least a pair to sell. If you have 4 tickets for sale, they will only be sold in 2 or 4 ticket increments. If you have 5 tickets for sale, they will only be sold in 1, 3 or 5 ticket increments. We have found from years of experience that these rules are the most beneficial for ticket sellers.

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•What if I don't want to sell only part of a ticket group?

Currently there is no way to demand that we sell your entire ticket group at once. If you are unwilling to sell a partial group of the tickets you have for sale, we suggest that you avoid putting your tickets on our site. Please keep in mind that the logic of our site is set up so that you will never be left with just one ticket. Remember that if you don't sell your tickets, they will be worthless after the event is over. You are better off selling at least some of your tickets than being left with all of them.

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•How should I price my tickets?

We suggest you research the market to determine a reasonable price. This can be done by going onto the VIPcontacts website and looking at the prices for tickets similar to what you are selling.

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•How do I find the event I have tickets for?

You can find events using the Event Search Bar. This bar allows you to find events using the event name. You will be presented with a list of matching events and you select the event you have tickets for.

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•What should I do if I cannot find the event I am looking for?

Our management team works hard to make sure our database of events is as thorough and comprehensive as possible. Sometimes, however, you may have tickets for events we have not yet added to our system. In this case, you can email us at and request we add this event to our database.

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•Can I sell electronic tickets such as TicketFast tickets?

We do not accept electronic tickets / TicketFast tickets on consignment.

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•Do all of my seats have to be next to each other?

All seats in a ticket group must be next to one another. If you want to sell tickets that are in different parts of a venue, you must create more than one Sell My Ticket submission.

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•What should I put for Section, Row and Seat number(s)?

All information you enter for a ticket group should match exactly what is on your ticket. Most venues are arranged by Section, Row and Seat number(s). You should put the exact Section, Row and Seat number designation that is listed on your ticket. If you have tickets to an event without assigned seating, such as a general admission show, you should list GA as your section, Row and Seat number(s). If you have any question, contact us at

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•What do I put in the Price per Ticket area?

The Price per Ticket is what you want to be paid for each ticket you are selling.

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•Can I request to be paid in something other than U.S. dollars (USD)?

Currently, all prices are in U.S. dollars.

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•Why do you return tickets within 7 days of the event?

It takes time to process and order and ship tickets to a customer. Therefore, we only allow you to sell your tickets up to 7 days before an event. At that point, we take down your tickets and send them back to you.

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•What is a Pending Sale?

A Pending Sale is an order that is in process. This means that an order has come in and in the various steps involved in completing the order.

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•How will I be notified about orders that come in for my tickets?

We communicate with you via email and if necessary by phone to keep you updated of the sales activity of your tickets. It is vital that your contact information be kept current so we are able to reach you. If your phone number or email address changes, be sure to let us know.

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•What does Pending Payment mean?

After we sell and ship your tickets, all you have to do is kick back and wait to be paid. You will be paid through Paypal within one week after the event occurs. You will receive a “Money Sent” email.